MHM Workshop



Menstrual Hygiene Management has always been an overlooked issue in most humanitarian crisis. Because of the hindrance to speak openly about the difficulties women and girls face in emergencies to deal with their periods, Menstrual Hygiene Management is not a priority for most humanitarian actors.

Iraqi Red Crescent Society and French Red Cross have decided to make MHM an essential activity in their actions in Iraq. With funds from the European Union regional fund MADAD, a 3 days workshop was organized in Erbil in February 2020 to give tools to the IRCS 18 branches and HQ to introduce MHM in their programming.

The content of this workshop is based on the Menstrual Management in Emergencies guidelines and tools designed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) available here.

Reusing the training material

The content of the workshop is made available in English and Arabic on this page.

If your organization plans to reuse part of the developed material or would like to access the complete training package that includes forms to print, and editable presentations, please send an email to :

Report of the workshop
Agenda English
Presentation - English - Day 1
Presentation in English - Day 2
Presentation in English - Day 3
Training package - Arabic + English - Agenda + pdf presentations

Rosie's world

The volunteers, when exchanging with women and girls have expressed their desire to focus on school girls to prepare them to puberty and menstruation.

It was then decided to adapt a 2 sessions methodology called "Rosie's world" and initially developed by WASH UNITED to Iraqi schools.

The final guidelines in Arabic and English are available in this page.